~Texas Wine Shirt~ Mens $22
~Texas Wine Shirt~ Womens $22
TyPark Candles, LLC , established in 2007 is a candle manufacturer featuring a creative line of candles specially formulated to burn clean, retain their quality appearance, are fragrant when burning but not overwhelming when unlit.
~Apple Harvest~ Fresh picked apples meets Grandma's baked apple recipe
~Beach Bum~ Don't have to be a BEACH BUM to enjoy subtle masculine mahagany and coconut
~Cabernet~ A wonderful aroma of red sweet cabernet wine.
~My Boyfriend's Shirt~ Gone, but not. Gentle masculine hints nestled in clean cotton
~Chardonnay~ $20 Crisp white floral berries
~Sassy Pants~ Exotic fruits with a little attitude
~Southern Belle~ $20 Peaches, Magnolias & Raspberries
There’s a simple formula to Kelle B’s jam: wholesome, all natural ingredients that are gluten-free with no artificial preservatives. Reconnecting to the past, in the fast-paced world of today, there’s no rushing jam. The best part of this Texas treasure is the process, the methodical rhythm and routine, that extracts the best from the fruit, where the flavors are always strong and true. I hope you will take your time and enjoy my jam on a hot buttered biscuit or even just a spoonful as a treat. And in the spirit of jamming, I hope you will enjoy this product in the company of friends and family.
 ~ Peach Brown Sugar Vanilla Sauce~ This jam has a rich and deep taste and you can literally taste all the flavors listed on the label. People have told me they eat it straight from the jar but this jam goes beautifully as a topping over ice cream, a truly decadent dessert, or is fabulous on warm buttered biscuits!
~Peach Jalapeño~ This handcrafted gourmet spicy jam brings together the heat of the jalapeno with the rich sweetness of locally grown Texas peaches! This jam is delicious on a cheese board, delightful slathered on some warm corn bread, or is the perfect glaze for poultry and pork.
~Positively Peachy~ This handcrafted gourmet jam is simply and perfectly the pure flavor of Texas grown peaches! So delicious on toast with a hot cup of tea.
~Old Fashioned Peach Butter~ This handcrafted gourmet jam has the wonderfully rich and deep taste of old fashioned, slow cooked peach butter with a warm hint of pie spices!
~BBQ Sauce~
~Peach BBQSauce~ ﷯

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