Many English Newsom wine bottles with award medals hanging on them.

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English Newsom Cellars has a full line of premium award-winning Texas varietals.

The Newsom’s truly believe in the future and superiority of Texas wine and wine grape production. The Texas High Plains consistently produces the finest quality wine grapes. Therefore, English Newsom Cellars products are 100% Texas High Plains. We also have complete control of our product from the time it is planted until you pour it into your glass. English Newsom Cellars is one of the only companies in the country that has complete control of the winemaking process. The Newsom family strives to consistently produce the finest quality wine grapes for English Newsom Cellars to make premium quality wines. Using sustainable farming practices that are both environmentally friendly and socially responsible, the Newsom’s strive to not only minimize the use of chemicals and groundwater, but to do so in a way that gives our customers the confidence that year after year we will deliver both quality and yields to support and grow both the Texas Wine Industry, but also to grow and strengthen Texas and the Texas economy.

Our winemaking team crafts elegant, varietally-true wines with fruit from the two estate vineyards. Our vineyards yield grapes with bright, rich flavors and tropical fruit characteristics. We also produce grapes with deep, intense flavors. Together they provide the winemakers with an unequaled palate of flavor and character and quality.

Current Releases
2021 Picardan bottle and wine info
2020 Roussanne bottle and information
2021 Viognier Bottle and description
2019 Trebbiano
2019 Pinot Grigio bottle and info
2018 White Gold bottle and info
2019 Albarino bottle and info
2021 Dry Riesling bottle and description
Rainy Rose' bottle and info
2019 Mourvedre
2019 Red Italian Blend bottle and info
2019 Road Less Traveled bottle picture and wine info
2021 Cabernet Sauvignon bottle and info
2020 Montepulciano bottle and info
2019 Tempranillo bottle and info SOLD OUT
2020 Teroldego bottle and info
22021 Sweet Riesling
2021 FLirt bottle and info
Just Peachy Sangria bottle and info
Wine Specials
~ Award-Winning 6 pack ~

It’s summertime, and the livin’s easy!!!

We have a summer deal that pairs perfectly with sunny days. And what better way to enjoy summer than by spending time outside with loved ones?  Pair with that the perfect bottle of wine for every summer occasion and you’re sure to build memories to last a lifetime.

But why drink the same old wine all the time?  Part of the joy of wine is in tasting through the literal myriad of options to find new favorites. We want you to taste and enjoy our award-winning wines this summer.

English Newsom Cellars has chosen 6 wines to pair with warm weather activities at an incredible price.  $50 for a 6 pack of award-winning wines! That is a savings of $79 per set!