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English Newsom Cellars is a destination for wine lovers looking to discover quality estate-grown varietals and award-winning wines.  We are located at 408 E Woodrow Rd. In Lubbock, Texas.

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Producing wine on our own premises and with our own grapes allows us to have complete control over all aspects of the winemaking process. This gives our customers the confidence that year after year we will deliver both quality and yields to support and grow the Texas wine industry and the Texas economy.

They happily extend the invitation to come and see what Texas tastes like!


We host incredible dinner and wine release parties four times a year for our wine club members that features delicious wine paired with delectable dishes.


Our release parties require a reservation, which can be made by emailing


Our wine club has grown, and our parties have too! You can only attend one party. You don’t want to miss this party with live music, wine and a delicious meal.

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• Exclusive invitations to winery events

Become a wine club member at English Newsom Cellars

and immerse yourself in everything our winery has to offer.

Wine Club Exclusives

2021 Roussanne bottle and description
2021 Reserve Viognier wine bottle and information
One distinctive feature of Viognier is its aromatic intensity. Floral notes such as white blossom are prominent, accompanied by enticing scents of banana cream, butterscotch and lemon pastry. On the palate, Viognier's full body and rich, velvety texture open a lush and opulent flavor profile. Orange marmalade, tangy yogurt and tart key lime take center stage, supported by nuances of golden honey. Despite its full-bodied nature, Viognier maintains a refreshing acidity that balances its richness and adds vibrancy. It pairs well with flavorful and aromatic cuisines such as Thai, Indian, and Moroccan, where its fruity and floral notes complement the spices and herbs. Viognier also pairs beautifully with creamy dishes like risotto, lobster bisque, and chicken Alfredo, as well as with grilled fish, poultry, and pork.
2021 Reserve Picardan
Big and bold, the 2021 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is a Cabernet lover’s dream that is great with a steak fresh off the grill or a deluxe burger. This deep, rich red wine is dense with flavor and has a balanced body. Generous aromas of rich black currant, black cherry, violet, and black raspberry adorn the nose of this wine, leading to a swirling celebration on the palate. Luxurious flavors of red and black fruit, and toasted oak mingle together before arriving at a satisfying finish of sweet tobacco, cedar, espresso, and black pepper.
In the glass, Merlot is known for its soft, ripe, elegant profile, and smooth finish. Its popularity comes from the fact that it is an incredibly versatile red varietal, either by itself or paired thoughtfully with foods. Our Merlot gives off a fruity nose filled with plum, vanilla, cola, tobacco, and leather with a beautiful medium ruby hue. This medium-body wine has a soft fruity mid-palate and a spicy finish that lingers to keep you wanting another sip. Texas grape growers appreciate that it is easy to grow, and consumers love that it is easy to drink.
On the nose, Picardan showcases aromas of pear, saltwater taffy, and orange blossom. With a light body and light straw color, flavors of grapefruit and minerals sip blissfully on the tongue with slight effervescence, and leave the drinker wanting another taste. This light bodied wine, one of the rarest varietals in the world, leaves a clean and bright finish. It is the perfect addition to the grapes grown on the Texas High Plains. If there’s basil, lime, avocado, or garlic in the food, a bottle of Picardan should go along with it and See What Texas Tastes Like!
Prepare to be delighted! With a pale straw color, this wine will dazzle the senses with flavors of ripe banana, peach, and piña colada! This is one of the top grape varieties produced in Italy and is quickly becoming a favorite in Texas. Light bodied and fruit forward, this wine can transport the consumer to the coast of somewhere beautiful with one sip. Flavors of rose petal, orange, and tangerine are the perfect complement to cheeses, seafood, and even pesto!
2021 Unchambered wine info and bottle
2020 Roussanne bottle and info
2018 Old Vine Chenin Blanc
2021 Mourvedre bottle and information